Spiritual Healing

Our spiritual healers can help you heal the issues and blocks that impede your life

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Learn Spiritual Healing

Our classes accelerate your spiritual growth, teach you methods to heal yourself and empower you to help the ones you love

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Global Locations

We help people all over the world from our locations on the East and West Coasts of the USA and in Western Europe

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Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced healers are available in various locations throughout the USA and Western Europe, and can help anyone in the world via our distant healing work.

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Upcoming Spiritual Healing Classes and Events

Los Angeles, CA

September-November: Victor is touring Europe so will not be working from the Los Angeles center.

December 5th: Catedra - Spiritual Service

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Northern VA

November 12th: Healing Meditation: Jesus Christ Consciousness 

November 13th - 14th: Traditional Healing-Working with Natural Ingredients and Herbs 

November 15th: Relationship Healing - Working with Natural Ingredients and Herbs 

November 16th: Protect Yourself from Negative Forces

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How Do I Identify a Good Spiritual Healer?

There are an overwhelming number of choices you can make when searching for a healer, and in recent years there has been an explosion in the number of different healers, schools, and methods associated with Shamanism. While choice has increased the most important hallmarks of a good healer have not. In this article I have listed the qualities I would look for when identifying a good healer and hope that it will help you in your decision

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